• Sparking Recovery

    Hours of practice. Relevance to personal goals. Appropriate levels of challenge. Accurate feedback on progress. We know what people need to break through plateaus in their motor recovery and reach their maximum potential. But too often they lack the right tools for the task. We aim to change that.

    At Flint Rehabilitation Devices, we develop cutting-edge rehabilitation tools that put the power of recovery into the hands of the people who need it most. Our goal is to provide the spark people need to begin making real steps towards regaining the abilities they desire. Our devices are designed to be:

    • Effective, based on the latest clinical research in rehabilitation and neurology,

    • Enjoyable, by making use of the best computer games,

    • Easy to Use, because we take into account extensive feedback from users,

    • Safe, because they are carefully designed with input from clinicians, and

    • Affordable, because we believe nothing should stand between you and your recovery.

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