The Music Glove


The Music Glove is an instrumented glove that requires a user to practice functional gripping movements in order to play a custom-made, therapy-oriented music game inspired by the third most popular video game in gaming history, Guitar Hero. It may also be used purely as a “digital instrument” a user may use to make music.  Thus, it motivates intensive, repetitive, functional practice (roughly 30-40 grips per minute). Playing music is not only pleasurable and motivating, but may help increase cortical reorganization as well.

The key lies in the special contact pads located on the tips of the fingers and in a unique “key-pinch” position on the side of the pointer finger.  Notes are played whenever the thumb pad contacts any of the other pads, thus allowing a user to make music by completing a grip exercise which is very important for the rehabilitation process.  You will soon forget that you are following a rehabilitation program, and simply get lost in the music.  Recovery has never been this fun!