Our devices will allow you to expand your clinic’s rehabilitation programs using clinically tested methods built off of the latest in neurological research.  Also, every one of our devices comes along with our unique software package that allows you to track your patients’ improvement over time and get quantitative feedback on their performance.  It also will link you in to the entire network of Flint Rehabilitation Devices’ customers, giving you access to a social  network where you can compare results, get advice, and participate in a community of other rehabilitation providers.

We know it can be hard to keep patients motivated and engaged in their recovery process, but we also know how important hands-on interaction with a therapist can be.  Because of this, our goal is not to provide devices that replace therapists, but rather to give therapists the tools they need to spark recovery in their patients.

Our devices are currently undergoing clinical trials, but if you would like to receive updates on either device as they become available, please use our contact form to send us your information, and we will add you to our mailing list.